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Are you upside down in your car loan?
If you’re like many people you’re looking forward to driving that brand
new car off the lot.  The shine and the new car smells can quickly become an odor of nagging proportions if you have an accident and the car is totaled and you owe more than the car is worth.
Auto insurance claims are settled on an actual cash value basis for total losses. 
The rub is, new cars depreciate quickly once you drive off the lot.  If your down payment was minimal, you may be upside down in the loan to value for a few years. 
We can help with car insurance GAP coverage.  The cost is $1 or $2 per month on your car insurance policy.  After you are right side up in the loan, give us a call and we can delete the coverage.   A great value!

The alternative is buy gap coverage from the car dealer.  The cost is $400 to $600 depending on the term of the car loan.  This cost is added to the loan balance and accrues additional interest charges.
The worst situation is no coverage, no car, and the balance of the totaled car loan to continue to pay off.
Take the first option call Century Insurance Agency and we will save you big bucks and give you peace of mind. 509-924-4424 or email us at info@centuryinsuranceagency.com

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