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Spring is coming to CENTURY INSURANCE AGENCY and it’s time to get your motorcycle insurance!  We have just the policy for you: The rates you  deserve as a responsible driver with discounts for insuring more than one bike, touring bikes, and completing a Motorcycle Foundation Safety course.
This year there will be nearly 6 million motorcycles on the roads.  What can you do to protect yourself and your bike?
In 2002 there were approximately 70,000 motorcycle riders injured in traffic accidents.   More than 3200 of those injuries were fatal, with 50% of the fatalities being alcohol related.  Motorcycle accidents often result in serious fractures of the arms and legs, and the medical expense and wage loss can be staggering.  Statistics show that less than 10% of the riders involved in accidents are insured.
Carefully read your motorcycle insurance policies to be sure you are adequately covered.
It is a good idea to carry as much Liability coverage as you can. 

Bodily Injury Insurance is to pay injuries you cause to another person.  If you carry $25,000 and seriously injure a pedestrian, for example, he can put a lien on your home and garnish your wages.  If you have a Property Damage Insurance of $10,000 and hit a Mercedes, you may find yourself paying out of pocket.
Uninsured Motorist Insurance  takes care of your injuries if the person who hits you has limits too low to cover them.  It could save you a bundle of money if you are seriously injured.
Comprehensive and Collision coverage will cover most losses to your bike up to the actual cash value before it was damaged, minus your deductible.  Physical damage rates vary by type and size of the motorcycle.  Those racy sport bikes usually cost the most to insure.  Read your policy to see exactly what is covered.
You can get coverage for parts and equipment that are not standard.  Be sure you ask about additional coverage for these items.

Helpful tips from experienced riders:

  • Riders in the 16 to 24 age group have a high incidence of accidents.  Look ahead and plan ahead.  Look as far down the road as you can.  Scan the road surface for trash, bumps, holes, spills, and puddles, observing how other vehicles are reacting to the road.  Watch for brake lights, swerves, bumps, etc.

  • Practice hard braking in vacant parking lots so you will know how your bike will react in an emergency situation.  In 2/3 of all single vehicle accidents, rider error was the precipitating factor, with a major portion coming from slide out and falls due to over braking.

  • In 2/3 of multiple vehicle motorcycle accidents, the other driver did not see the motorcycle.  Wear bright colors like orange or red.  Windshields and fairings also increase the visibility of the bike.

  • Bike covers help prevent vandalism and thieves will be less motivated if they can’t see what your bike is.

  • Park your bike where it is not readily accessible.


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