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Your Home

Home Remodeling: Are you Adequately Insured?
Insuring your Home.  Is your home insured adequately to protect your investment?
Installing a swimming pool? What you need to know
Reduce Your Risk of Wildfire. The threat of wildfire is real, how to best be prepared.
Windstorms: What to do in the aftermath
Shake Rattle and Roll... Earthquakes in WA?
What about my Personal Property?
Identifying Toilet Failure Risks
Don't Get Soaked - Reduce the risk of a water loss!

Fallen trees and Insurance
Preparing your home for Spring Checklist
Get a CLUE: Understanding your home's claims history before you buy
Protect Your home from burglary
Importance of Annual Chimney Sweeping and Inspections
Happy Safe Decorating this Holiday Season
How to Avoid Winter Storms
Winter Storms Ahead: Are You Ready?
Navigating Today's Mortgage Market….Let's Do It Together

Home Inventory after Fire Strikes

Wildfire Video
Your Kids and Auto and Home Insurance
A few tips for the College-Bound: Home and Auto
High-Risk Years:  Money Smarts Key to Strong Credit, Lower Insurance Rates
Helping your teenage driver
Lending your vehicle can land you in trouble
School Bus and School Zone Safety

Your Car, Motorcycle and other toys
Minimizing the Gas Crisis Crunch
Insuring your Motorcycle - Are you ready to hit the open road?
Taking to the water this Summer?  What you need to know before you launch out.
Going on vacation? Planning to rent a car? - What you need to know before you go.
Are you wondering why those speeding tickets wreak such havoc on your insurance rates?

Getting your Speed ticket Deferred

Drunk Driving Statistics
Will you still be paying off a loan if your car is totaled? Auto Gap Coverage
Safe Winter Driving

Your Life and Retirement
Do you suspect your Identity Information has been compromised?
Snowbirds – Heading south for the winter?
Term Life Insurance - Why should I buy it?
Preparing for Retirement: Some “Get It”, Some Still Don’t
Yours, Mine and Ours - Passing separately held assets to children from prior marriages

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