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Keep your roof and yard clean
Clear pine needles, leaves and debris from your roof, gutters and yard to eliminate an ignition source from tinder-dry vegetation. Remove dead limbs and branches within 10 feet of your chimney and deck. Tidying up is especially important during the hot, arid months of fire season when a single spark can lead to an inferno.
Signs, addresses and access
Easy-to-read road signs and address numbers that are visible from the road allow firefighters to find your home quickly in an emergency. Safe, easy access to your property includes two-way roads that can accommodate emergency vehicles and give them space to turn around. Bridges should support the weight of emergency vehicles. Driveways should also be trimmed of peripheral vegetation to allow emergency equipment to reach your house. Contact your local fire department for recommendations on access and signage.
Rate your roof
Your roof is the most vulnerable part of your house in a wildfire. If you have a wood shake roof, consider treatment or replacement to make it more fire-resistive. If you have a fireplace or woodstove, install an approved spark arrestor on your chimney to prevent sparks from reaching your roof or flammable vegetation.
Recycle yard debris and branches
Check into alternative disposal methods like composting or recycling. Burning may be restricted or not allowed in your community, and should only be used as a last resort. Always contact your local fire department for current burning regulations before striking a match.
What to do when fire strikes
Monitor your local media for fire reports and evacuation procedures and centers. Keep an emergency checklist handy and prepare to evacuate if your neighborhood is threatened. You should know at least two exit routes from your neighborhood. Proper preparation includes closing all windows and doors, arranging garden hoses so they can reach any area of your house, and packing your car for quick departure.

Reduce Your Risk of Wildfire. The threat of wildfire is real, how to best be prepared