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An option for the care and protection of your home while you are away.

A NO COST Service provided to you by  Home Sitting Services

Lucky you, for being able to follow that warm and comfortable weather while most of us are in for what may be a long and cold winter! We know everyone wants a "worry free" time away when they leave, and to help accomplish that feeling we'd like to offer you our NO COST Service!

Home Sitting Services can provide a carefully screened and fully insured Home Sitter to maintain your home in immaculate condition as well as pay for all of your utilities! Imagine, leaving your home knowing that it is secure and should anything happen (i.e. furnace fails, pipes break, etc.) a responsible Sitter will immediately notify the sitter company and they will contact you and take the necessary steps to correct the situation and to avoid further damage.

Why not just rent your home? You can always do that, but, if you are like many others who have been in the position to rent a home or hire a person to care for your home, then you understand the "problems" associated with getting good, responsible renters/sitters. Many times you have no idea about the person's past history, credit or lifestyle. You have no control over whether they will take care of and properly maintain your property, no control over whether they will notify you of damage sustained, or even if they have insurance to cover excessive damage or liabilities. 

Home Sitting Services understand these problems and risks.  They provide careful and thorough screening of all their Home Sitters. They screen all applicants for:

  • Consumer Profile — which verifies SS#

  • Eviction History

  • Public Records

  • Criminal Background

  • Credit Reports

  • Wash/Idaho Sex offenders

  • Residential History

  • Employment Verification

  • Rental Databases

In addition,  Home Sitters will pay your utility bills, and are required to carry a minimum $100,000 liability insurance policy. We perform impromptu inspections inside and outside the home to ensure that they are maintained in the immaculate condition that is expected by  you. 

Sitters can even feed and care for your pet, if you choose to leave one behind. 


Snowbirds - Heading south for the winter?